At present I am working on a new body of work (as part of a research degree at DeMontford University) that explores how we perceive real and imaginary photographic space, especially in site specific environments. These initial images examine ideas related to how one can create the illusion of form and content pertaining to "real" situations, some of which exist in a concrete sense, whilst others are simulations or impersonations. Jeremy Millar suggested that "...impersonation depends on the awareness that the impersonation is taking place (as opposed to illusionism or imitation, which depends upon it being hidden..." and this concept could underpin much of my programme of study. It is a commonly held belief that photography is the medium of the truth - that it can provide evidence of existence, events and reality, but this somewhat tenuous view has been eroded by the development of digital imaging. As the work progresses, I will examine through silver-based and digital photography notions of photographic reality, and consider how and why images have been manipulated to create alternative representations of reality.